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The aim of this project is to produce a standardised markup and its interpretation so that users working on one application adopting this standard will be able to add standard content to other applications using this standard without the need to refer to their markup guides both to know what markup is required to achieve basic formatting and to know how to avoid text being interpreted as application specific markup.

Proposed Meta Standard


Compliance to the creole standard may relate to several meanings and an application claiming compliance must make clear its level of compliance.


Applications claiming any form of compliance to creole must state the version and provide user help detailing the use of Creole markup which must be available at every instance (i.e. a link close on the page) where any form of compatibility is claimed.

Strictly Compliant

Refers to an application only using markup within the standard and interpreting it according to the standard.

Creole Compliant

Means an application can take markup from any other fully compliant application and display all features within the standard as stated in the standard. Applications may extend the standard as stated within the standard but may do so only so long as their markup text including the applications specific extensions is fully usable in other fully compliant applications and any additional markup does not create unwanted characters within the text.

Applications claiming to be Creole Compliant must fully document for users any extensions to the standard and provide ready access to this information so that any instance of two applications interpreting markup extensions in different ways can be quickly and easily identified.

Creole Compliant**

Applications that are otherwise Creole Compliant but do not implement specified markup and interpret such markup as text, may call themselves compliant** so long as at each such claim, a note is clearly made specifying the features that are not implemented by the application and so long as the user documentation clearly details these exceptions.

Creole Compatible

Creole compatible applications will interpret text taken from creole compliant applications as specified in the standard, but may in addition have application specific markup.

Applications claiming to be Creole compatible, in addition to user help on Creole markup, must explicitly document for users the requirements of the Creole standard that are not interpreted strictly according to the Creole standard AND must document additional application specific markup which may cause creole compliant text to be interpreted as markup within the application. This documentation must be readily accessible and must be easily understood by those who are familiar with creole but without any knowledge of the application specific markup.

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